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Journey into a world of feminity and start replenishing your feminine spirit.


The religious zealots and women haters have already made moves to try to block and ban this book.


Get your copy whilst you can. 


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Love & Light 



Secrets of the Woods

£14.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price
  • This is a short ebook for women

    Secrets of the Woods is a simply written, deep,  eclectic glimpse at the Sacred Feminine.
    A collection of poems, songs, tales, snippets of knowledge and wisdom,
    (passed down from mother to daughter, woman to woman, through the ages).
    With a brief look through time, at female spirituality and adversities to present day.
    It touches on nurturing in nature, sacred secrets,
    With simple meditations and affirmations

    This is a brief, intuitive, kaleidoscope, of ancient and modern, truths and myths, introducing women's spiritual journey.

  • This is a ‘Living Book’ it grows and evolves like a living organism. Things will be added to this book as we grow, flourish and bloom it does too. 

    I want to share and pass on the wealth to help to empower women.

    If you are interested in helping to promote this book to other woman you will receive 20%  commission. 
    Each time you refer a new woman, who buys the book from me, cash will be sent to you. It’s an empowering way to introduce women to feminine spirituality and earn for yourself as well. 

    In order to do this please contact me at Entitle mail - Secret of the woods refer

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